Psychic Center in Louisville, Colorado offering everything from psychic readings and energy healings to channeling and mediums.


 The Light Connection - Metaphysical Store

Psychic Services

We provide our customers with a wide variety of spiritual services. Our intuitive and psychic staff are available to help you with all of your metaphysical needs. We have a dedicated Tarot and reading room where you can spend time with a reader in a private setting or join us downstairs with oxygen and beverages in our "pods".  We also have a private healing room with a massage table where energy work, body work, and rituals are performed.  If making it down to the store isn't possible we can also do psychic readings over the phone.  We have at least one reader in the store almost all the time so feel free come drop in. Call for an appointment if you would like a specific service or time with one of our top readers.


Our My Space page has our calendar of readers and links to our readers pages. Keep checking, we will be adding new topics regularly. 

Clairvoyant - Auras, past lives, chakras, love, career, etc. - $1/minute

Tarot - Divination using traditional Tarot cards - $1/minute

Crystal ball or pendulum scrying - Use of focusing device to see the future

Sound healing – Using the power of sound and music to  promote healing and self-awarness - $100/hr

Energy work -Healing and cleansing of the spiritual body - $100/hr

Crystal healing – The use of stones and minerals to heal the body, mind, and spirit - $100/hr  

Channeling and/or Medium work –  contacting those who have passed $60/hr  

House or Business Blessing – Sanctifying the home, clearing negative energy, bringing in success - $150 (based on 4,000 sq. feet or less, call for estimates for larger spaces.) This service can be done long distance, over the phone.

Psychic counseling intuitive healing of the mind $100/hr  

Healing touch – the laying on of hands to promote physical wellness $100/hr

Chakra alignment and healing – Use of the energy centers of the body to promote healing $60/session

Spell consultation available for extra fee with any reading or healing practices $10,$20,or $50  

Reiki – healing of the body using visualization and manipulation of energy $60/hr

House Cleansing – removal of spirits or energies from one’s home - $150  

Want a recording of your reading?  Tape recorder rental and cassette tape - $5

     The Light Connection   720.887.2788                                               open everyday 11am to 7pm
Ascension   720.890.8080                                                                 open Wed through Sat 2pm to 9pm
     All credit cards accepted                                                                     toll-free   1.866.327.2788

The Light Connection and Ascension - Metaphysical Store and Psychic Network in Louisville, Colorado