Ascension Oxygen Bar and Metaphyscial Store with psychic readers on staff. We offer clairvoyant, psychic, tarot, mediums, and much more as part of the experience.


 The Light Connection - Metaphysical Store

Ascension - Oxygen and Hydrosol Bar 

Our oxygen and hydrosol bar was created to give spiritual seekers an open, tolerant, non-alcoholic place to gather in afternoons and evenings to discuss manners of the sixth sense.  The store features recreational Oxygen, and an assortment of healthy drinks and tasty snacks.  We have a psychic reader on staff almost every day and you will get a free, psychic reading with every oxygen or drink purchase. This is an experience you can not find anywhere else. No ordinary date night here.

This space is also filled with unique magical supplies such as herbs, scrying mirrors, ritually prepared candles and a huge selection of tarot cards.  

Free Wifi for available to our customers. Click here to see our menu.

 Fridays in the month of June is Guy's Night! Men enjoy 10 minutes of FREE oxygen with a purchase of a hydrosol.

     The Light Connection   720.887.2788                                               open everyday 11am to 7pm
Ascension   720.890.8080                                                                 open Wed through Sat 2pm to 9pm
     All credit cards accepted                                                                     toll-free   1.866.327.2788